2 min read. Apr 23, 2023

The buzz surrounding ChatGPT shows no signs of slowing down. It is even creating a promising new career path: Prompt Engineering. However, despite the title, the job duties are more aligned with Prompt Writing, which requires well-organized and logically structured content creation.

The process of writing effectively and coherently requires the ability to gather factual information on a topic, verify it, and present it in a well-written form. This skill is commonly known as the ‘art of writing’. Similarly, when writing a prompt for ChatGPT, it is crucial to clearly outline the role of the prompt, its intended goal, and the steps necessary to achieve that goal. Additionally, providing relevant examples and explicitly stating the desired outcome can be helpful in crafting a good prompt.

one of the effective prompt structure for ChatGPT

This type of structured prompt works well on a situtation where you want to solve complexed task.